Zhejiang Zhengxin Photovoltaic Technology Co., LTD. is specialized in solar photovoltaic research and new materials development, production, sales and service. Zhengxin (ZXEVA) was founded in 2010,setting up more than 3000 square meters plant at the national high and new technological industrial concentration area on the west part in Zhejiang province. In 2016, we attained annual production capacity of 50 million square meters.

The founder and R&D team enter in this industry from 2002. The core product Z1261A/Z1261 is our patented product with excellent performance in long lasting ageing-resistant performance, excellent capability with other contact materials. ZXEVA strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system operation and the core product has passed ISO, SGS, TUV and PID test. ZXEVA will continue to do innovation and timely development of superior performance, cost-effective products to meet the requirements of customers.


Our Vision & Mission : To become World-class EVA encapsulation film provider, serve as a professional expert in innovating high efficiency and low cost product.


ZXEVA film applies to crystalline silicon and thin-film solar cells encapsulation, which is a kind of thin film, with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer as the main raw material, adding variety of modified additives through sufficient mixing, heating and extrusion. The product is non-sticky and easy to operate at the room temperature. By heating, laminating and curing, it makes chemical reactions like cross-linking and bond enhancing to make the silicon wafers, glass and TPT becomes one firmly together as solar panel. The main function of this EVA film is to keep PV modules high light transmittance and high adhesion for long time, ensuring that the PV module can be used stably and efficiently for more than 25 years.


Item specifications Thickness Width Length (m/roll) Processing time Features
Extra fast cure
0.20 - 0.80 100 - 1200 100 - 200 12-16
mins (145℃)
UV resistance
High transmission
0.20 - 0.80 100 - 1200 100 - 200 12-16
mins (145℃)
UV through
PID free
0.20 - 0.80 100 - 1200 100 - 200 12-16
mins (145℃)
Anti PID
Thin film / CIGS
0.15 - 0.30 100 - 1200 200 - 250 --- Anti Copper corrosion


Strong adhesive property;
Good stability after aging;
High light transparent and long lasting guarantee;
Excellent humidity, heat and weather resistance (PID);
High efficiency and shortern laminating time;
Excellent material compatibility with contact materials.
ZXEVA – only use the superior raw material. Perfect solution for pv modules to save energy wasting.


Item code Specification of thickness(mm) Specification of width (mm) Gram weight (g/sqm) Length/roll (m) Package means (mm) Min order quantity (sqm)
Z1261 0.50 500-1200 420-450 100 - 2000
  0.45 360 370-400 120 560*290*300 2000
  0.45 550 370-400 120 690*290*300 2000
  0.45 680 370-400 120 830*290*300 2000
  0.45 810 370-400 100 1010*290*300 2000
  0.45 985 370-400 120 1010*290*300 2000
  0.45 990 370-400 120 1010*290*300 2000
  0.45 1000 370-400 120 1040*290*300 2000
  0.45 1020 370-400 120 1080*290*300 2000
  0.45 1060 370-400 120 - 2000
  0.40 500-1200 320-340 150 - 3000
  0.35 500-1200 280-300 170 - 3000
  0.30 500-1200 230-250 200 - 3000


1.Each roll is packed with PE film and vacuum packing process, after that put one roll in one carbon box. (Under 500mm width will be packed with 2-3 rolls in one box)
2.The inner package of the products is polyethylene bags, and the external packages are cartons and pallets. Every roll of EVA is put in a carton, and each pallet can be put on 16 to 20 rolls.
3.Production storage: Being stored in a dry and shade place with temperature 0℃~30℃,and humidity≤60%, sunlight direct radiation should be avoided. The product must be not placed nearby heating equipment and the place with dust.
4.Product usage: Before using, check the package intact and untouched. The product should be quickly used once you open it, the other unused part re-sealed by original packaging or similar packaging. The product is guaranteed for 6 months from the production date in the unopened state, you are suggested to use up within 3 months.


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