company's history

  • In the 1970s

    Naipin Zhan, the founder of “YONGQING MACHINE® “, as a technical engineer, worked in the Xinxiang State-run Grain Machinery Factory, and engaged in the design of flour machinery, grain machinery, wheat and other food processing technology.

  • In the 1980s

    with the development of flour processing technology and the continuous improvement of flour quality requirements, in 1986, Naipin Zhan and his technical teams successively designed and produced the simple wheat impurities-removing screening machine and flour fine screening machine. It sold very well at the local with great feedback.

  • In the 1990s

    company CEO Yongjian Zhan, affected by father, choose the mechanical design major in Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology. After finishing master's degree, he also entered into the same factory. After long-time studying and researching, and absorbing some foreign advanced technology, He and his team gradually developed and improved the screening machine structure.

  • In 1995

    Yongjian Zhan and his engineer teams successfully designed the new vibrating screening machine with vibration motor as vibration source.

  • In 2000

    the engineer team designed successfully to improve the sieve tension structure for the rotary and linear fine screening machinery, and got a patent -“a kind of sieve frame of fine screening machine” in 2001

  • In 2006

    NaiPin Zhan and his engineer team established XINXIANG YONGQING SCREEN MACHINE CO., LTD. With reliable quality, innovative technology, reasonable price and timely pre-sale and after-sale service, the fine screening machine were marketed well in domestic. And our company also got more and more customer recognition .

  • In 2007

    some trading companies started to purchase our vibrating screen machine and then sold abroad. In 2008, more and more exporting orders came to us.

  • In 2008

    In 2008, more and more exporting orders came to us.

  • In 2010,

    in order to provide our products and services directly to foreign customers, Company CEO, Yongjian Zhan resolutely determined to set up the export department and started exporting business.

  • In 2011

    we registered ourselves brand-“YONGQING MACHINE® “.

  • In 2012

    our company has passed the ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate System.

  • In 2014

    our products also get approval of CE and SGS certifications.

  • In 2016,

    so far, Our market has covered more than 70 countries and regions.

  • In the future

    we still just keep specializing in fine screening machine.Our mission is to provide the exceeding expectation products and services to each customer.
    Our target is that gradually establish more distribution and service spots all over the world, to provide better product and faster quality service to our customers.


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